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Federman, Raymond: LOOSE SHOES
a life story of sorts
ISBN 3-89693-167-9 (02/2001)
156 Seiten, Ebr, EUR 15,50 / SFr 27,50

Special limited edition: 99 numbered copies, each provided with an original hand-written poem by Raymond Federman.
EUR 51,00 / SFr 90,00

The special music of this book is counterpoint of powers: being and nothingness, time and eternity, joy and suffering, despair and hope, memory and mystery, creation and destruction, fiction and history.

Bilingual novelist, poet, critic, essayist, translator, surfictionist, critifictionist, former paratrooper, fanatic golfer and gambler, Federman is the author of some two dozen books. His novels have been translated into fourteen languages, and have been awarded numerous literary prizes. Recently retired from SUNY-Buffalo, where he was the Melodia E. Jones Distinguished Professor of Literature, Federman now resides in San Diego where he continues to write and explore new modes of narrative. His most recent books, ‘The precipec and Other Catastrohpes’ [a collection of plays], ‘Aunt Rachel’s Fur’ [a novel improvised in sad laughter].
Federman is a member of no group, no tribe, no fraction. If the author of ‘Loose Shoes’ were, however, to seek his brothers, he would surely find them among that company of saints who have forever been doing exactly the same thing: dreating, in joyful, disinterested confidence, a vision of man from the material of personal history and from the gleanings of a fully exercised moral imagination. Each work by such writers will exhibit its own exacting economy, and will, in that, refuse understanding by means other than its own.
German translation by Martin Arndorfer:

loose shoes
before us
tongue / ubiquity
the story-teller
concerning a close friend
in the sandbox
for the sake of a name
the bilingualist
concerning the novel everyone wants to write
eating books
a hopeless story
the story of the sparrow
last night's dream
my father the fictioneer
notes & counter-notes
the competition
mémoire en miettes
reflections on ways to improve death
the line
reflections concerning the oedipus complex
petit manuel des jouissances
reminders – to a writer friend
the blue room
explication of the poem absence
here on the balcony
among the beasts
meditations scato-logiques au bois de boulogne
who will crack first
the worm
the state of erection and other consequences
today's output
the postmodern artist
the order of words
the lost epigraph
act without words for the hand
audience participation during performance of the hand
examples of gestures television audience could suggest
the performance
the gestures
the yellow humiliation / la jaune humiliation
reflections concerning the translation of poetry
whatever happened to m & n
the caravan
the voice
notes scribbled in the dark while watching schindler's list
in the place of ashes
the undecipherable gesture
reflections concerning ethnic authenticity
the right of life
brudny žyd goes to poland
les orgueils de charlot
the invisible doubles
but ...
eternal return
s'accommoder au pire
mon tour-menteur – [my tor-mentor]
notes on mon tour-menteur – [my tor-mentor]
winter wheat
the reverse of farness
final escape