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ICECE Work Group Innovation Centers in Central and Eastern Europe

Innovation Centers in Central Europe. Situation, Impact, Perspectives
(ICECE Focus, Band 2)
ISBN 3-89693-104-0 (1997)
124 Seiten, 6 Abb., Ebr, EUR 22,00

In 1991 the ICECE work group initiated the establishment of an informal incubator network in East and Central Europe, which has given many countries of the former “Eastern Bloc” the opportunity to benefit from the rich knowledge of Western experts in the field of economic development. Both the successes of the new generation of Eastern European entrepreneurs and the problems that arise from the implementation of the “business incubator concept” in their countries constituted the central issue of the workshop “Innovation Centers in Central Europe”, organized by the ICECE work group in November, 1996 in Berlin. This documentation of the results of the Berlin workshop includes, among others, presentations written by experts from Poland, the Czech Republic, Sovakia and Hungary dealing with the impact that innovation and technology centers have had on the national economies of these countries, and with the relations between business incubators and governmental policies. These contributions, together with others made by American experts considering the application of US incubator experience in Central Europe and reports about trends in Romania, do not only provide a comprehensive description and evaluation of the current situation of the innovation centers in Central Europe, but also raise questions about the further development of the “incubator phenomenon” in the future.